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Nursing is a very complicated field. Nurses have to work hard to make their patients feel comfortable. They have to focus on the patient as a person with needs and feelings. Holistic nursing emphasizes the relationship between nurse and patient.


Holistic nursing is defined as "all nursing practice that has healing the whole person as its goal," according to the American Holistic Nurses' Association. To effectively practice holistic nursing, nurses must apply their nursing knowledge, theories and expertise in nursing of patients.

Complementary and alternative medicine

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) plays a big role in holistic nursing. Complementary medicine might include giving a patient aromatherapy to relieve discomfort after surgery, and alternative medicine might involve giving the patient a specific diet to treat an illness.

Qualities required

A holistic nurse must have certain personal qualities to be successful. She must be able to amalgamate self-care, self-responsibility, spirituality and reflection into the lives of patients and into her own life.


Holistic nurses apply a variety of healing modalities to their patients. They use practices such as homeopathy, aromatherapy, chiropractics, art therapy, music therapy, biofeedback, nutritional counseling and prayer.

Holistic Nursing Specialty Status

In 2006, the American Nursing Association began to recognize holistic nursing as a specialty of nursing with its own standards and practices.


American Holistic Nurses Association


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